Support Bill Dunne

Bill Dunne is an anarchist political prisoner who was sentenced to 90 years in 1980 for his role in aiding in a jailbreak the previous year from King county jail in downtown Seattle, Washington. During the escape a shootout occurred and eventually Bill and two of his comrades were arrested. In 1983 Bill tried to escape from U.S.P. Lewisburg and for that he got an additional 15 years, 7.5 years of which were to be spent in the control units at U.S.P Marion.Bill only recently had his first parole hearing in 2014 where he was denied. The parole board‘s reasoning was due to the fact that Bill still maintains communication with anarchist groups and individuals; an odious excuse. Not only has Bill been in solidarity with the anarchist movement and the individuals and groups that take part in it, but black liberation movements and indigenous resistance movements. Through the years Bill has also taught GED classes at almost every prison he has found himself at, helping many prisoners get their GED. Bill is generous, principled, full of integrity and has never wavered from his politics or convictions.
Bill would love to hear from all supporters. Here is his current address for letters of support:
Bill Dunne
FCI Victorville Medium I
P.O. Box 3725
AdelantoCA 92301
Support Material
Here is a half-sheet Support Bill Dunne flyer we put together. And here is a poster as well!

The Anarchist Black Cross Federation of north America has been committed to supporting Bill for many years now as well. Here is a trifold flyer they put together for letter writing nights or to generally raise awareness about Bill, his case and his plight.

Other groups that have committed to supporting Bill over the years

The Jericho Movement has been supporting Bill ever since their organization was formed in 1998, here is the page on Bill on their site.

4strugglemag is a great magazine that gives voice to political prisoners and politicized prisoners as well. Bill has written some lengthy pieces over the years that they have published. Here is everything they’ve published by Bill Dunne – long and short.