Sacramento Prisoner Support is a small anarchist collective that has been
organizing support for political prisoners locally and nationally since
2004. We seek to provide emotional and material support to people
imprisoned for their engagement in struggles which seek total liberation
for people, the earth and animals. SPS has also been actively involved in
legal work for prisoners – including finding lawyers for people, assisting
lawyers with research, and trial support. The prisoners we support come
from a variety of backgrounds and movements, some of which include
eco/animal liberation, anti-imperialist, Black/New Afrikan Liberation,
anarchist, Indigenous struggles, grand jury resistors and more. We also
aim to provide support for prisoners who are actively fighting the prisons
directly – from within prison walls (prison struggles/rebellions). Since
his arrest in 2006 , SPS has been Eric McDavid’s principal support group
and has worked closely with his legal team on everything from trial
support to his Habeas petition. We are proud to be part of a broad
network of prisoner support groups and are involved in a variety of joint
projects with people across the North America who work for a world free of
prisons and cages.

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