Month: October 2019

Anarchist Prisoner, Jennifer Rose had court today – an update – October 28th

Greetings everyone!

Jennifer Rose was in court today for her re-sentencing hearing at the Sacramento Superior Court. The hearing got started at 3:30 pm and lasted about 30 minutes. At the the end of the hearing the judge made a ruling that one of Jennifer’s past convictions that was once deemed a strike will no longer be considered a strike any longer leaving her with only two strikes on her record. Then to cap off the hearing the judge gave Jennifer a parole date of 2055 whereas prior to today’s hearing Jennifer was essentially serving a life sentence without parole.

There has been a lot of anticipation for today’s court date considering Jennifer has been locked up serving multiple 25-to-Life sentences due to the Three Strikes Law. At the last court hearing on September 6th that ended up getting continued to today there was 7 supporters there which filled Jennifer with joy as you can imagine and today 10 people came out which must’ve been a wonderful sight for her to see. Jennifer must be filled with a lot of different emotions after court today. Here is a link to her website with all the details of who she is and her plight, so let’s push forward and continue to spread the word about Jennifer Rose. Let’s get together with some friends to send her letters or a solidarity card! Jennifer turned 50 back on October 6th, so a belated birthday note could be added right along with it!

Here is her current address:

Jennifer Rose E – 23852
Salinas Valley State Prison D3-1250
P.O. Box 1050
Soledad, CA 93960

Thanks to everyone who came out today and to everyone who passed around the court support flyer!

In solidarity with Jennifer Rose!

-Sacramento Prisoner Support

40 years of incarceration – let’s tell the world about Anarchist Political Prisoner, Bill Dunne

This October 14th marks 40 years that Bill Dunne has been locked up. It was on that day in 1979 that he and two other comrades of his were arrested outside of the King county jail in downtown Seattle during an escape. Bill was sentenced to 90 years for aiding in that escape and since then he has seen some of the harshest prisons in the Washington state prison system as well as the federal system. In 1982 he was sent from the Washington state system to the federal system and landed in the United States Penitentiary (U.S.P) in Lewisburg, PA. The following year he tried to escape from that particular U.S.P and for that he was given an additional 15 years onto his sentence and 7 and a half were to be spent in the control units at U.S.P Marion, IL. After he did his time at U.S.P Marion and up until recently he has been in quite a few maximum security penitentiaries in the federal prison system.

Since 2014 he has been in three different medium security federal institutions here in California. The transition from maximum security institutions to medium security ones in 2014 also was the same year that his first parole hearing took place. In December of 2014 Bill was denied parole and received a 15 year hit. During those 15 years he still has what is referred to as ” interim parole hearings” but he has been denied at both of those he has been to since 2014 as well. The reason they’ve provided each time he has been denied is that he is still in communication with anarchist groups and individuals. We published his statement on the last time he was denied here and the first time he was denied here . Not only are maintaining relationships with like minded individuals inside and outside of prison important to Bill, but he has found great joy in teaching GED classes at almost every prison he has been at so far, and he has helped many prisoners get their GED.

Thankfully over the years Bill has not had any serious health scares until recently. Over the last two years he has needed surgeries in both eyes and finally got them , so his vision is much better and that is much less of a concern now. What the world needs to know though is that Bill Dunne remains in a federal prison today after 40 years of incarceration. His politics and principles are unwavering and his perseverance and will to survive in the face of repression is inspiring. With the help of friends we have created a new support poster for you to put up at your local social center, coffee shop, college campus or wherever you think would be an effective spot to post it and help get the word out about Bill Dunne.

Here is where you can download the poster and if you go to the Support Bill Dunne page on our site you can find a tri-fold flyer that the Anarchist Black Cross Federation has put together as well as a half sheet flyer we put together. There you can find links to other groups that have been supporting Bill over the years as well like the Jericho Movement and 4strugglemag. As October 14th approaches and on that very day let’s recognize who Bill Dunne is , his plight and let’s continue our commitment to raise awareness about him. Let’s tell the world about anarchist political prisoner Bill Dunne! As Bill always says – The future holds promise!

yours in solidarity,

Sacramento Prisoner Support