Day: September 30, 2019

in memory of political prisoner Tom Manning – A Memorial Zine

Some friends have put together a zine collecting the public statements
made in memory of Tom Manning since he passed away on July 30th. We
wanted to offer it to people today to join in spirit with all those who
gathered for Tom’s memorial today in Boston.

Tom was a comrade, an elder and a teacher for generations on both sides of the walls. Many of us will always continue to carry Tom’s spirit in our hearts and our work. We thought that having these beautiful
statements collected in a zine would be one way to honor Tom and to help our many different projects and spaces keep Tom present with us. We also wanted to collect the statements to uplift and support the political prisoners who wrote about Tom and heed their words about our struggles as we mourn a movement elder.

Here is the reading version ( tomzineREADING ), and here is the printable version ( tomzineTOTAL ).

RIP to Tom Manning.