July 27th is Larry ” Lobo ” Pendletons birthday

We were introduced to Lobo by Coyote Acabo, a former anarchist prisoner who spent 17 years at Ely State Prison. Coyote started the first Anarchist Black Cross prison chapter, and engaged in prison organizing , and rebellions to protest different policies or actions by the prison administration. Since fostering this relationship we have joined Lobo in supporting anarchist projects inside and outside of prison. If you ever think about a diligent artist in a small cell who does not let his situation get him down and instead is interested in how to use his craft to get him through his own struggle and to help the struggle at large, you might think of Larry “Lobo” Pendleton.

Happy Birthday, Lobo!

The two piece’s and the art on that t-shirt, are all by Lobo. And then there’s a message at the bottom from Coyote Acabo.






“I was friends with Lobo for 15 years inside the grueling dungeon of Ely State Prison. He is my friend. And to keep a friend for that long amidst such treacherous conditions says a whole lot,believe me! Lobo is a great artist who has taken a lot of time and care to teach younger prisoners how to excel in their own artistry. Lobo has contributed his art to many of my zines,even creating covers to many of my zines! He’s a good person,with little support . Please get to know and support this person;it will be an enriching,fulfilling experience for both you and him!” – Coyote Acabo

birthday cards ad letters of support can be sent to:

Larry Pendleton #33524

Ely State Prison

PO Box 1989

Ely, Nevada 89301


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