Support Janye Waller!

Take some time to learn about Janye Waller by reading the text, or following the link below. You can find Janye’s address at Santa Rita County Jail at the bottom of this post, so send him a letter , and let him know that he is not forgotten!


the following is from:

SUPPORT JANYE WALLER! Janye is an outspoken young Black revolutionary from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an wonderful, kind, and generous friend and comrade. He has been sentenced to 2 years, serving half time, for incidents related to the Mike Brown and Eric Garner protests in 2014.

We tried to fight against this white supremacist system that sends one in every 3 Black men to prison at some point in their lives, we tried to KEEP JANYE FREE, but he is going in for at least a year, and that means we CANNOT SLEEP on our support of him and his loved ones! The struggle continues.

We need consistent money for commissary, phone calls, and transportation for visitations. That is why we ask, if you can, to sign up for MONTHLY RECURRING DONATIONS for one year (or up until May 2017). Even if it’s just $3 or $5 or $15 per month (or $30 if you can do it!) if a bunch of us pledge that, we can keep this support steady throughout Janye’s time. One of the biggest issues during incarceration is that support falls off as the months pass, and we won’t let that happen to Janye.

We will also need people who want to send letters, books, and visit Janye! More info on that coming soon.

MUCH LOVE Hands Off Janye Support Team






Janye was arrested in 2015 in an obvious case of racial profiling, in which the cops said he “fit the description” of a crime he did not commit. A witness to the “crime” immediately confirmed that Janye had nothing to do with it, but Janye was still taken into custody where he was questioned and then leveled with serious charges related to last year’s protests in Oakland against the non-indictments for the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Janye is a young Black activists, a local of the San Francisco Bay Area. He lives and works in Oakland, providing financial support to his mother, his two younger brothers, and his cousin. He attended Berkeley Community College where he planned to major in Accounting, but had to take leave in order to help support his family, and he hopes to return to college soon. Janye also volunteers at a social center in West Oakland that works to empower black and indigenous people living in the Bay Area through education and mutual aid. Within this space Janye works tirelessly, helping coordinate and administer programs focusing on skills like urban farming, which foster both community and individual autonomy.

JANYE IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO IS CURRENTLY SERVING TIME STEMMING FROM THE EVENTS OF THE FALL OF 2014 WHERE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE FLOODED THE STREETS DURING THE WAVE OF PROTESTS IN THE BAY AREA DURING THAT WINTER. After several high profile police killings of young black men, the Bay Area, like much of the rest of the country, surged into a wave of protest and resistance. The state responded by using the legal system as a tool of repression, threatening incarceration and steep fines for some of those involved in these actions. It is sad but obvious that the one person getting targeted for that beautiful moment of protest is a strong and politicized young black man.

JANYE HAS BEEN CONVICTED AND SENTENCED. He needs support, money, and contact.

Please give whatever you can and let others know. Let us know if you’d like to write to Janye or find other ways of supported. email –


letters of support can be sent to :

Santa Rita Jail

Janye Waller #BKO688

5325 Broder Blvd.

Dublin, CA 94568

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