An Update on Jay Chase

Nato protester’s prison term extended for throwing human waste at guard

Jay Chase

Jay Chase pleaded guilty on April 11th and will receive a sentence of one
year in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Jay will be eligible for half time on the 1 year sentence but with his loss
of one year of good time on his previous sentence it is still unclear what
that will mean for potential release.

All supporters were removed from the courtroom citing a “potential security
risk” and searched again in the hallway right as Jay’s name was called. We
got back into the courtroom right as it was ending. This is what Chicago
state repression looks like. Six sheriffs searched a long line of people
that had been searched already at the entrance and obviously found nothing.
This is how they undermine support.

Stay strong and continue to support Jay. He is going to need all of it.

For now, shoot Jay a letter and let him know you care.
Jared Chase M44710
Pontiac Correctional Center
PO Box 99
Pontiac, Illinois 61764

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