former eco prisoner, Krow on Whichsidepodcast


“Episode 160:  We talk with recently released political prisoner Krow
about their charges, prison, prisoner support, security culture, penokee
defenders, environmentalism, intersectionality, veganism and much more”

Also, Which Side Podcast plugged the crowd funding site for Krow that
started while Krow was still in jail and is still active today, and
apparently will be for another couple of weeks.

Even though some of the info up on the crowd funding site is out of date,
all that Krow and Krows supporters are fundraising for still remains the
same, so here is that crowd funding site again:

Thank you for supporting Krow! This Eco-Warrior has been in custody in the
Iron County WI Jail since early February 2015 for standing up to Goegebic
Taconite which was trying to level the ancient Penokee hills to creat the
world’s largest taconite mine. While the mine has been stopped due to
immense public pressure and the overwhelming scientific evidence
supporting environmentalist and Native activist’s claims about the
pristine nature of the surrounding wetlands, Krow still is in great need
of support. Between the lawyer legal fees and fines Krow is looking at a
pretty hefty bill to pay raking close to nine grand.

Krow created a “Rad Enviro Fund” below which breaks down the percentage of
your donation here. If you wish to donate just to Krow’s legal fees be
sure to write that down.

1.) 40% for my (Katie Kloth) legal fees (& some envelopes for
correspondence and phone calls)

2.) 40% for the womyn warrior project, which entails: A. Utilizes
‘resources’ for forest/ecological defense in the Northwest Great Lakes
Bioregion (NWGLB) Utilize finds to procurement mycellium for mycorediatory
direct action projects in NWGLB. Finish “The ethnobotany of (the) Penokee
Hills” zine/book nd host a womyn-oriented (queer and trans inclusive) rad
gathering and skills shre in the spring of 2016 in the NWGLB (Time and
Location TBA)

3.) 10% to the production of EarthFirst! Journal

4.) 10% to the non-religious house-less shelter project in Ashland, WI

Listed below are a few different steps and ideas on ways to send support
to Krow. In these hard times we know everyone doesn’t always have money to
give but your support or thoughts go a long way as well!

Write Krow a letter:

Katie Kloth
300 Taconite Street
Suite 226
Hurley, WI 54534

All letters must have Katie Kloth written and not Krow Kloth or they will
not be received.

All letters must have a return address as well. You can also support Krow
through sending them books and periodicals from “reputable” online sites
such as amazon and ebay.

B.) Support Krow’s Legal fees and Projects through Fundrazr

In the struggle and for the wild-

Penokee Defenders


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