Support Political prisoner Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin


On September 3rd Jericho Amnesty Movement received a call from a Political Prisoner at USP Canaan concerning Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. Imam Jamil is in serious need of medical attention. His jaw is swollen to at least twice its normal size, and he is experiencing a lot of pain.


According to his family it is clear that he needed to remain in a medical facility. In addition to his having smoldering multiple myeloma, he has Sjogren’s syndrome, which is another auto immune condition.


The Imam’s family appreciates our continued support and dissemination of information.  He has put in a request for a transfer to a warmer climate which he feels may help his condition.  In addition, he hopes to be closer to his attorneys and family members.


His family is considering filing a legal action concerning his condition and lack of medical care, but in the meanwhile they ask that we continue to keep him in our discussions. 


Please call or fax USP Caaan and ask, demand, that Imam Jamil be given immediate adequate medical attention. 


Phone 570-488-8000

Fax 570-488-8130 

Let them know you are concerned about Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin  99974-555


You can also write:

Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin

USP Canaan

PO Box 300

Waymart, PA  18472


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