A statement from 3 of the San Quentin 6 for Hugo “Yogi Bear” Pinell

Hugo Pinell was assassinated at new Folsom State Prison. This is another
example of the racism people of color inside those prisons are confronted
with on a daily basis. Like Comrade George, Hugo has been in the cross
hairs of the system for years. His assassination exemplify how racists
working in conjunction with prison authorities commit murderous acts like
this. We saw it on the yard at Soledad in 1970 and we see it again on the
yard at Folsom in 2015.

His life was a living hell. We witness the brutality inflicted on him by
prison guards as they made every effort to break him,  he endured more
than fifty years of sensory deprivation, for decades he was denied being
able to touch his family or another human being,  as well as attempts on
his life. This is cruel and unusual punishment! Hugo is not the monster
that is being portrayed in social media / news media. The CDC is the real

During the six trial we really got to know Hugo. He was as we all were
under a lot of stress. His stress was heavier than mines because he had
the additional load of being beaten on regular occasions. We saw the
strength of his spirit, and through it all he manage to smile.

We mourn the loss of our comrade brother, yogi. We have been hit with a
crushing blow that will take some time to recover from. We must expose
those who under the cover of law orchestrated and allowed this murderous
act to take place. The prisoners who did it acted as agents of the state.
It comes at a time when prisoners  are collectively trying to end decades
of internal strife.  Those who took his life  have done a disservice to
our movement, their actions served the cause of the same oppressor we
fought against!  No longer do you have to endure the hatred of people who
didn’t even know you and never dared to love you. You have represented
George & Che well, and we salute you!


David General Giap Johnson

Luis Bato  Talamantez

Willie Sundiata  Tate

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