The Final Straw Radio Show -Anarchist prisoner Eric King; NAABC Conference; Trouncing KKK in Columbia, SC


Anarchist prisoner Eric King; NAABC Conference; Trouncing KKK in Columbia, SC

Posted by Bursts O'Goodness

The Final Straw

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This week we spoke with a supporter of Eric King. Eric is a 28 year old
vegan anarchist in Kansas City, Missouri, who's facing possibly life plus
20 years in federal prison for allegedly attempting to molotov a Senator's
office. No one was inside the building or in danger of direct injury. He
has been held in Solitary confinement at CCA Leavenworth in Kansas for 6
months as a July 14th due to his potential life sentence. Eric's trial has
been pushed back to October 26th,

2015. More on Eric's case can be found at support e r i c . We also speak about the upcoming North American
Anarchist Black Cross conference which is currently in it's fundraising
phase. The NAABC conference brings together advocates of political
prisoners, prison abolitionists and other troublemakers once a year in
order to better share skills and network. More on fundraising for this
event can be found at

Click here for a firsthand account of anti-KKK actions that occurred
Saturday, July 18th in Columbia, South Carolina that we received and
wanted to share.

Interesting video and pictures from this event can be found at It's Going
Down, a new anarchist news site focusing mostly on North American

Now, an update from the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee about
the complaints of forced medicalization and medication of concerned
prisoners at SECC outside of Charleston, Missouri. Sadly, time constraints
made it so we couldn't announce this in the episode, but here it is
 "Update 7-15-15 ~ FINALLY!! A month and a half after receiving the first
letter of complaint about psychological and medical torture, we received
a letter from one of the people involved saying that things are getting
better and they are working their way off the forced medication now.
Many, many thanks to everyone who has participated in this calling
campaign. This would not be getting better without all of your help.
Please continue to stay in touch with us by liking the IWOC fakebook page
here "

Also from IWOC:
 "You may be familiar with Ricky Kidd's case of innocence and his request
to have DNA from the crime scene tested is being considered in Jackson
County Courts. To find out about his case you can go to

In the meantime, Ricky is fighting another battle with the MO Department
of Corrections that could lead to losing a leg or even his death. Ricky is
a diabetic and has a soft tissue sore that has gotten into the bone of his
leg and created a condition that is potentially life threatening. He was
diagnosed with Osteomyelitis about four months ago, a condition that if it
had been properly treated at the time would have healed by now. The proper
treatment is a 6 week course of very
 strong antibiotics administered via an IV. The DOC has been giving Ricky
an Oral antibiotic every other week and now the infection has moved from
the tissue to the bone and is putting him at risk of losing his leg. The
medical personnel have told him his situation is dire and must be
properly addressed immediately as there is not only the risk of
amputation but a risk of death if this infection migrated to his

Please call the Missouri Department of Corrections at 573-751-2389 and
request to speak to Adrian Hardy in the Medical Division. You must
reference Ricky Kidd # 528343, he is housed at Crossroads Correctional
Center. They probably will not transfer you and will tell you that
Harriett Clark is the contact person for this case. Register your concern
and then call again the next day. We cannot allow this innocent man to be
maimed or killed by the DOC by neglect or malfeasance.

Please forward this to your friends, associates and State Representatives,
as well as post to FB where you can. We need a flood of calls to help get
Ricky proper treatment.

Find out more about Osteomyelitis at this link - Osteomyelitis: Symptoms,
Causes, and Treatment at"


Here is that account of the KKK getting trounced in South Carolina on July
 "Yesterday in Columbia SC the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
assembled in order to protest the removal of the Confederate flag from
the state house. I'm told that their permit was originally set to
accomodate 100-200 people. However, this pathetic organization has
dwindled in numbers since its heyday in the 1920s, and there were fewer
than 75 klan present at any given time. This event happened on the same
day as an anti-colonial and antiracist event was held in Tuscon to
protest an islamophobic and white supremacist group, and is happening in
the wake of a resurgence of white supremacist rhetoric and actions in
this country. People came out in droves and showed the racists that they
are not welcome in Columbia, or anywhere!

Despite the almost 100 degree weather and at least the 100 cops,
paramilitary, and state troopers swarming the grounds, I'd say that there
were at least 2,000 anti racists, anti-fascists, and community members
present ranging from concerned clergy to the much maligned out of town
anarchists of all races. I was in a group of caucasian folks and non black
people of color, and it felt vibrantly good to show our faces in the midst
of this crowd, which I'd say consisted primarily of black people of all
ages and the remaining third were folks of other races. The solidarity in
the crowd was palpable, with people starting conversations with strangers,
helping others out with water, and looking out for each other in the face
of police violence.

When I rolled up to the event, the anti conf flag counter rally on the
other side of the state house was starting to wrap up. This seemed to be
mostly made up of New Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam members. The
KKK harrassed these people with racial slurs when they themselves paraded
up minutes later through a funnel of their cop protectors, brandishing
confederate flags and Nazi swastikas and screaming "white power".

They were instantly met with jeers and heckling from their numerous
enemies, which reached such a pitch that it made one of the racists burst
into tears. At one point, one racist got separated from his group and was
surrounded by the crowd, which screamed at him to go the fuck home and
things like that. One man got arrested at this point and carted off to the
crowd yelling "let him go".

The KKK then stood in the baking sun on the steps of the state house for
about an hour. They roasted in the heat and waved their flags behind a
phalanx of their pig handlers, all the while making pitiful attempts to
engage the antiracist crowd, which had them outnumbered almost 27 to one.
Some of their sympathizers who were dressed in confederate flag apparel
were chased off the premesis during this time, including one homophobic
preacher and one Nazi peace police who was attempting to verbally shame
people into leaving the racists alone. Several of the klan passed out from
heatstroke during this time, including one old racist who had to be
carried away by the cops wrapped up in a confederate flag.

The police cut their flag waving rally short by an hour due to the numbers
of antiracists, which were growing steadily. The real fun began when the
klan began to move out to the parking garage where their vehicles were
being guarded by even more police. The cops attempted to hoodwink the
crowd into focusing on one exit of the garage, while the klan was exiting
out of another around the back. When the crowd got wind of this, we took
to the streets and ran around the building to confront the klan as they
drove out of town. They mostly had their windows up, staring forward and
looking beaten. One klansdude however became so enraged at the verbal
attacks he was recieving that he drove his SUV into a pole, crushing the
front end of the car which leaked radiator fluid all over the pavement.
The cops were unprepared for this, and the car was surrounded by
antiracists who pounded on the windows and hurled rocks at the damaged
vehicle. The cops then forceably surrounded the car and drove the
antiracists back. Several people got detained briefly by the police and
then violently unarrested by their comrades at this point. After about
half an hour of tussling between cops and antiracists, a perimeter was
established around the car and it drove away amid more heckling.

After this time the crowd marched back up to the state house, where the
few remaining klan supporters were confronted and driven out of Columbia.
I'm not sure how many people got arrested, but I think it was at least 5
people, for disorderly conduct and assaulting an officer. I'd urge people
to keep up with that news, and help with people's bail however they can.
Since this happened on a Saurday, I think people should be out by Monday.

Throughout all of this, it seemed very clear that the crowd had pinpointed
their real enemies as being the police. While people were mad about the
klan they were even angrier at the cops for protecting these Nazi racist
scum. The weak attemts by cop sympathizers on the AR side to focus the
crowd's anger at solely the KKK were entirely unsuccessful. I think that
this event will be one in a series of many active and vibrant displays of
anti racist and anti white supremacist actions in this country. I hope
that people are staying safe and keeping their friends close.

Toward a world without racism, without police, without jail cells, and
without the klan.
 Solidarity from a comrade in Columbia, South Carolina."


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