No More Locked Doors Conference, Sat May 16th Oakland


In commemoration of the horrific bombing of the MOVE Organization by
Philadelphia police 30 years ago, on Saturday, May 16th in Oakland, CA,
people will come together at the radical community center Qilombo for the
‘No More Locked Doors’ conference. During the day, groups will be tabling
and there will be workshops. In the evening, there will be a panel of
former political prisoners. After the panel, revolutionary hip-hop artists
will perform.

The conference will highlight the work of supporting political prisoners
in a variety of movements for liberation. All struggles – whether they are
against colonialism, capitalism, the exploitation of the earth or of
animals, the State, prisons, and any and all other repressive apparatus –
have a need to practice long-term support for those incarcerated. These
practices of solidarity need to be maintained and generalized.

No More Locked Doors invites organizations, groups, and individuals
involved with political prisoner support, revolutionary anti-prison
organizing, and anti-repression organizing within our struggles to
participate in the conference. Tabling by organizations will begin at 11am
and go until 6pm and we encourage people who are interested to contact us.
Currently we are not charging for tables, but do request that those
tabling make a donation to Qilombo to help cover the cost of the space.

We are also soliciting proposals for workshops throughout the day.
Potential topics include case updates about specific prisoners, strategies
for anti-repression work in current social movements, prisoner struggles,
or other topics relevant to the struggle of political prisoners or against
prisons. Workshops will take place in the main hall, in the garden
(weather permitting), and also in the bookstore. Workshops will happen
from 12 PM – 1:45 PM, 2 PM – 3:45 PM, and 4 PM – 5:45 PM. Space may be
limited, so please send us your proposals as soon as possible.

At 7 PM, we will have a panel with former political prisoners,
representing various social movements. This is a chance to analyze the
repressive strategies that have been used against different liberation
struggles, to build understanding and communication across movements, to
connect revolutionaries across generations and to, most of all, celebrate
the spirit of people’s resistance that the prisons cannot extinguish.

For both table and workshop proposals, please send a message to and include your group’s name, a website (if
one exists), the nature of your project and/or a description of the
workshop that you are proposing.

The Qilombo Collective has graciously opened their doors to this event and
we encourage everyone who attends to consider donating to the project and
the check out their website at


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