Help Support The Denver Community Defense Committee!

On January 9, 23 year old Sharod Kindell was driving home from dropping off formula to his brother-in-law’s house. After leaving the house, Denver police officers, affiliated with the Denver Gang Unit, pulled over Sharod. When officers demanded Sharod vacate the vehicle, Sharod instead stated his rights, and offered officers his identification through a lowered window. Police instead forced the doors of the car open, engaging in a physical altercation and pulling Sharod out of the car.

The melee caused Sharod’s foot to leave the brake of the car. Sharod’s car had not yet been put into park, so the car rolled backwards, with the doors open, toward the police cruiser parked behind the car. Officers, including Jeffrey DiManna, an officer at the center of three shooting incidents of unarmed suspects in the last seven months, opened fire on Sharod, striking him multiple times, even as Sharod put his arms in the air to surrender and show he was unarmed.

Although he survived the police bullets, Sharod now faces several felony charges and prison time for the incident.

On February 14th, two people were arrested after a march of hundreds against police terror turned confrontational outside the Denver Police Administrative Headquarters in downtown Denver.

Robert Guerrero and Matthew Goldberg were both arrested, accused of vandalism to the Police Headquarters and to a nearby police monument. Both face felony charges and prison time for the alleged acts.

As the Denver Police continue to wage war on the local population, and resistance to this violence mounts, local costs for legal support are also mounting. We need your support to continue to support the survivors of police terror in our communities, and those brave enough to stand in resistance to that same violence.

All funds generated from this effort will be used to pay for the legal fights ahead for these and others who might find themselves in similar situations. Please donate. Any amount no matter how large or small is appreciated and will go a long way.

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