Day: February 27, 2015

Fire To The Prisons Issue Number 12 is Available Now!


From Fire To The Prisons –

The new issue of Fire to the Prisons is now completed and available online. Check out the magazine, print your own copies, and view past issues at our new website at:

Fire to the Prisons is an insurrectionary periodical. It focuses on promoting a revolutionary solidarity between different struggles, prisoners, and existing social tensions that challenge capitalism and the state.

We made 10,000 copies of this issue because we wanted to get them as far and wide as possible. In order to create a publication for free to comrades and the general discontented public, we have forfeited our traditional magazine form and went with a less costly newspaper. We hope to spread this as far as it can go. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this project and we hope that it shows.

If you would like to order bulk copies of the newspaper, please order from Little Black Cart at their website. LBC will send out issues for only the cost of postage.

All direct inquiries, ranging from questions, feedback, to requests for copies can be sent to:

Prisoner support groups such as the NYC Anarchist Black Cross ( and East Bay Prisoner Support ( have stepped up to help with distribution for prisoners via snail mail. Drop us a line if you are a prisoner support group looking do the same.

We are still looking to make back the over $2,000 dollars that was spent printing the publication, so if you are interested throwing us some money – or better yet, organizing a benefit event, please get at us!

We’d also like to thank everyone who made this project possible – and all who have supported us in the past. Everyone that spent long hours looking at PDFs, those that built our new website, the friends that helped us print and distribute this paper, all those that contributed to the publication, and everyone that has given us encouragement along the way. Without you, this project would not have been possible.

For a borderless affinity,
For those that truly know the meaning of silence,
For all our comrades yet to be made free from the horrors of the State,
Fire to the Prisons

Brent Betterly is set to be released in late April and his support team has begun raising him post – release funds!


Brent Betterly of the “NATO 3″ is scheduled to be released in late April
or early May so we’ve launched a campaign to raise money for his
release! Donate at to help
welcome Brent home!

On May 16th, 2012, just prior to the NATO summit in Chicago, three
Occupy activists were arrested and eventually charged with 11 felony
counts, including four under the never-before-used Illinois terrorism
statute. Brian “Jacob” Church, Brent Betterly, and Maya Chase (formerly
Jared Chase) came to be known as the NATO 3. The case went to trial in
January of 2014, and the NATO 3 were acquitted of all of the terrorism
charges. Unfortunately, the jury found them guilty of two felonies
each—possession of an incendiary device with the intent to commit arson
and possession of an incendiary device with the knowledge that another
intended to commit arson. They were given sentences ranging from 5 to 8

Brent Betterly is the second of the three to be released. He is
scheduled to rejoin us in late April or early May. Please donate to his
release fund to help ease the transition after 3 years behind bars.
Donations are needed to help pay for Brent’s living expenses while he
works to get back on his feet during the immediate aftermath of his
incarceration. Brent is also the father of a small child who lives
several states away and needs funds to help remain in contact with him.
If you’d like to write to Brent before his release, please address
envelopes to:

Brent Betterly
4017 E. 2603 Road
Sheridan, IL 60551

And if you have any questions, you can email us at freethenato3 (a)
gmail (dot) com, or check out our website at
If you’d like to write to Maya, whose release date is scheduled for May
of 2016, please address letters to Maya Chase and address envelopes to:

Jared Chase
2600 N. Brinton Avenue
Dixon, IL 61021