Help ReLaunch Fire to the Prisons!


We are going to re-launch Fire to the Prisons. In doing so, we will print thousands of copies of the publication and get it into the hands of every group and individual who wants one – absolutely free.

But we Need Your Help to do it The last Fire to the Prisons magazine came out in the Spring of 2011 as the Arab Spring was unfolding. Since then, we saw the rise and fall of Occupy, the unfolding anti-police rebellion in Ferguson, MI, as well as riots, strikes, and occupations from Hong Kong to Mexico, Brazil to Canada, France to Chile, Spain to Syria.

Our publication was born in a sea of insurrectionary possibility when many of us broke out of activism and sought to push the ideas of social war towards a physical reality. Now, we can feel something in the air. Across the globe, riots are continuing to break out in the wake of police murders. Prisoners are linking up together across racial lines and going on strike. Native communities block fracking pipelines and burn police cars. Strikers become uncontrollable to union leaders and occupy buildings and attack the police. People take over land and defend it against the construction of everything from airports to condos. They take up arms and fight ISIS. Rebels burn down the Presidential palace against State sanctioned murder. Rioters tell Jesse Jackson to get the fuck out of town. There is a feeling of possibility in the air again; against a set of apparatuses that seek to dominate and control all aspects of life.

At the same time, there is a grave feeling of what is coming. Civilization is breaking down. Some places are now without water and some are already under water. Meanwhile, governments across the world gear up for war and expand the surveillance State into every aspect of our lives. The Left rallies to manage the disaster. The Right attempts to shift the blame on everything from immigrants to infidels, while preparing the ground for fascism.

But we need to wage a struggle not just on the ground – but in terms of ideas.

Our project is still the same. We seek to get organized and expand, popularize, and spread subversive and insurrectionary ideas across the social terrain, between struggles, and across territories. We seek to build bonds and strengthen affinities and get news and analysis of revolt to those outside of the radical ghetto. Ours truly is a borderless affinity.

A big part of this project will continue to be the tireless work of supporting those on the inside and providing information on anarchist and political prisoners. Your support will not only get copies of the publication inside, but also connect people with information and support groups.

Now is the Time to ReLaunch This Publication

There is no better time than now to re-launch this publication. All around us, new struggles break out and there is growing interest in radical ideas against domination. We seek to produce our own publication that we can get into the hands of thousands of people throughout the world. Our new issue will feature original content on ongoing struggles and revolts, interviews, and all the prison news, political prisoner updates, and resistance reports you have come to love and depend on.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

But we need you to make this project happen. By reaching our goal of $1,400, we will cover our printing costs for this issue. By reaching $2,000, we will make copies of this publication available to the wider public completely free through our friends at Little Black Cart (LBC) in Berkeley, California. Once we reach this goal, anyone will be able to order a bundle of this publication to distribute through LBC to give out.

We want to put a weapon into the hands of anyone who is interested. This will go into every corner and liquor store and break room and infoshop; every anarchist distro; and every affinity group at every demonstration and riot.

If you ever picked up a free copy of Fire to the Prisons in the past, got a stack and tabled with them, or just enjoyed the magazine existing, linking people, ideas, struggles, and those behind bars together; if you supported us fundraising thousands of dollars for those locked up and sending hundreds of copies into prisons – please donate now. Help us continue this project.

Still in it for the long haul,

– Fire to the Prisons

To view back issues of the publication, go here:


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