Day: August 3, 2014

December 13th , 1947 – August 3rd , 2010

“They call me an enemy of the state so I know I must be doing something right” – Marilyn Buck


Four years ago, Marilyn Buck passed on. She was a political prisoner, an anti-imperialist, an anti-racist, a feminist , a poet and so much more.  We are inspired by her commitment to the struggle. Whether it was in the streets , being involved in clandestine activities , or in prison where she spent over 30 years of her 80 year sentence, she never gave up. Well, there really is so much to be inspired by, and to learn from when it comes to this awesome individual.


Here is an interview with Marilyn Buck at the DC Jail in 1989.


And here is Wild Poppies, one of her many wonderful poems:

I remember red poppies, wild behind the school house
I didn’t want to be there, but I loved to watch the poppies

I used to sit in the window of my room, sketching charcoal trees
what happened to those magnolia trees, to that girl?

I went off to college, escaped my father’s thunderstorms
Berkeley. Rebellion. Exhilaration!

the Vietnam war, Black Power, Che took me to Chicago
midnight lights under Wacker Dr. Uptown. South Side. Slapped
by self-determination for taking Freedom Wall photos
without asking

on to California, driving at 3:00 in the morning in the mountains,
I got it: what self-determination means
A daunting task for a young white woman, I was humbled

      practice is concrete … harder than crystal-dream concepts

San Francisco, on the front steps at Fulton St.
smoking reefer, drinking “bitterdog” with Black Panthers and white
hippie radicals, talking about when the revolution comes

the revolution did not come. Fred Bennett was missing
we learned he’d been found: ashes, bones, a wedding ring
but later there was Assata’s freedom smile

then I was captured, locked into a cell of sewer water
spirit deflated. I survived, carried on, glad to be
like a weed, a wild red poppy,
rooted in life



Or listen to Marilyn Buck read Wild Poppies here:


A book was released recently, titled Inside/Out – selected poems by Marilyn Buck


Finally, check out , that stands as a tribute to Marilyn Buck.



-Sacramento Prisoner Support