An Update on Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin


Open letter to the Community from Karima Al-Amin

Jul 24, 2014 β€” As-salaamu'alaikum, Ramadan Mubarak!

 I am so pleased to share this update with the many individuals who
 supported our effort to campaign for Imam Jamil to receive medical
 attention and to be transferred to a federal medical center. I have
 heard from Imam Jamil who has reported that he indeed was transferred
 on Tuesday, July 15, 2014, from the Florence, Colorado ADX to Butner
 FMC, in North Carolina. He would like to express his deep appreciation
 for the support he has received from individuals who made calls, signed
 petitions, attended meetings, wrote letters, offered public comments,
 and galvanized others to take action.

 Within this past week, the Imam has had extensive examinations, from
 "head to toe." Additionally, this morning--July 23, 2014--he had the
 bone marrow biopsy. Although we will not receive the results for
 another two weeks, we are encouraging people at this point to continue
 sending letters and cards to the Imam, while he waits to receive the
 medical results.

 I do intend to send personal letters of appreciation to individuals in
 the hope that I will not miss thanking those who made a difference in
 this campaign. Together we demonstrated that there are those who will
 see an injustice and act to expose and correct the wrong. 

 I also wanted to share that Imam Jamil has been able to keep his fast
 during Ramadan, which is yet another example of his strength and faith.
 May Allah continue to guide him and strengthen him.

 Send letters and cards to:

 Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, 99974-555
 FMC Butner
 Federal Medical Center
 P.O. Box 1600
 Butner, NC 27509

 Jazak Allah Khaira 
 Karima Al-Amin 



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