A Message from Recently Released Anti-Fascist Prisoner, Cody Lee Sutherlin


“When it comes to thanks, I don’t know where to begin. Do I mention certain
individuals or organizations? Do I start with the cards and letters full
of love and support? How about the amount of donations that came in for
the book drive back at Robinson’s library? Or, do I lead off with all of
the fundraising that kept money in the commissary and continues to pour in
for help post-release? I should probably lead off with the lovely lady in
my life that has sacrificed and endured so much for me and our
relationship the last couple of years. Maybe it should be the amazing
legal team that stepped up and have continued to help to this day. I can’t
forget my new friend that has opened his home and heart to me in my
greatest time of need. I must mention all of the people that used to flood
the courtroom in solidarity every time they would walk us in there. With
so many wonderful people, faces old and new, doing so many amazing things,
it’s impossible for my thanks to have a beginning or an end. The thanks
that I have for all of you is so deep and indefinite that it can’t be
measured or explained. Any act of kindness, no matter how big or small,
has meant the world to me, as well as the other four. Thankfully, we’re
down to just two, and in a few weeks it’ll just be one. Let’s show my
brothers our love, support, and appreciation for them. Thank every last
one of you for all you’ve done and continue to do!

With the deepest gratitude and unconditional love,”
Cody Lee





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