June 11th, 2014 – Event Report Back



Sacramento Prisoner Support hosted a two-hour event on June 11th, the
International Day of Solidarity with Eric McDavid and Marius Mason, at the Sol Collective in Sacramento, CA.

The event was, in part, a prisoner art show. Art has proven to be a
powerful medium through which prisoners can express to the world their
experiences within prison.  We displayed art from several radical

One section of the art show was dedicated to Eric and Marius.  A pencil
drawing by Eric McDavid called “Endurance” was on display (along with a
powerful poem).  There were also a couple of paintings from Marius,
including a painting inspired by a tree sit in Tazmania.

We also had artwork from TR, a Pennsylvania state prisoner.  TR has
painted stunning portraits of two incredible individuals, Marilyn Buck and
Assata Shakur. He paints with precision, and has also created beautiful
pictures on leaves he has collected from the rec. yard, in protest of a
prison policy that labels leaves as contraband.

We also displayed artwork by anarchist prisoners Larry Pendleton and Sean
Swain (prisoners in Nevada and Ohio, respectively). One section was
dedicated to the powerful and unmistakable art of the Minister of Defense
for the New Afrikan Black Panther Party – Prison Chapter, Kevin Rashid
Johnson.  We also had art on display by Jose Villarreal, who is in the SHU
up at California State Prison – Pelican Bay.

We screened “Until All Are Free,” a 20 minute documentary about Marius
Mason and Eric McDavid, and then fielded questions about Eric and Marius.
After the film there was a brief open mic, where people seemed inspired to
talk about books they’ve read and events they’ve been to in the past that
pertain to political prisoners and prison struggles. Two members of
Sacramento Prisoner Support read written pieces and letters from
prisoners, including a powerful poem by Sean Swain.

The night was capped off with a wonderful 45 minute performance by
Straight Out Scribes, a mother/daughter spoken word duo who are very
familiar with what it means to stand with political prisoners. They
visited Marilyn Buck when she was being held at FCI Dublin, CA, they
worked on the campaign to free Huey P. Newton, and they continue to write
to many prisoners today. We were honored to have their performance be a
part of our June 11th event this year.

The SPS table was full of literature on Eric McDavid, Marius Mason and
other political prisoners, as well as a lot of support stickers and T
shirts. Some new connections were made and fliers for our next prisoner
letter writing night were distributed.

We move forward with Eric and Marius on our minds and in our hearts, along
with all the other prisoners we stand with and work for.  We find solace
in the fact that there are june 11th events happening all over the world,
knowing we are part of a movement and that we are making a difference.


Take some time to check out: http://june11.org/  for a full list of report backs from around the world.



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